RustBlood Solo Duo Trio Quad

Vanilla Rust Server - Dallas, TX

Removed Server Status
0/275 Current Players
06-29 Last Wiped
3500 Map Size


Below you will find a general set of server rules and guidelines. If you have questions or concerns about these rules or other situations while in game, please reach out to an admin in the RustBlood Discord for further clarification.

Group Guidelines

  • The maximum players in a group is 4, whether they are online or offline.
  • Players may be swapped out once per wipe cycle.
  • All code locks must be re-configured with a different access code.
  • All bags and beds must be destroyed.
  • The tool cupboardā€™s authentication must be cleared.
  • A member of the group must submit a ticket in Discord in the #create-a-ticket channel with the username of the previous player and the new teammate to avoid being flagged for breaking the limit.

Trading Guidelines

  • Trading must be performed through the use of shop fronts or vending machines.
  • Breaking this rule puts you at risk of a server ban.

Toxicity & Abuse

  • Do not use hate speech, including racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks.
  • Do not be overly toxic. This is a catch-all rule and is up to the administrators discretion.
  • Do not harass other players or the RustBlood staff members.
  • Do not advertise on the server or in Discord.
  • There is no rule against griefing or doorcamping.
  • There is no leniency, you have been warned.


  • Scripting, hacking, or any form of cheating will be a permanent IP ban across all RustBlood servers.
  • No VAC bans newer than 365 days.
  • No game bans of any age.
  • Guitar scripts are okay to use per the stance Facepunch takes.